Event Venue and Catering Services

Are you looking for a service to make your first date with mail order brides special? We are the team of event organizers who can do it all for you at a reasonable price and with your preferences in mind. Below, you can see what exactly we have to offer to the loving couple.

What we do?

We are a catering and event organizing business that was started as early as 70 years ago. Since that time, we’ve catered many weddings and organized elopement parties, and anniversary celebrations of different scales. Also, we helped many couples who were just in the beginning of their relationships and wanted to stay at our mansion for a weekend to have a pleasant time together.

Our job is to not just cook dishes and serve them in one room of our residence, but also ensure your comfort from the moment you contact us for a reservation to the minute you leave the Dutchess Manor. To make it possible, we provide you with a personal manager to cooperate closely with you from the first time you reach out to us. They are always available to find out your needs, make your expectations clear and easy to realize.

Once you decide to spend some time at our residence, feel free to contact us via the phone numbers on our website or our email. Even if you don’t know what kind of leisure you want to have at the Dutchess Manor, we will help you to find the most perfect event format so that your mail order girlfriend and you could be satisfied with the result of our cooperation.

Once we know what event you want to hold at our residence, we will propose you possible menus and sets of drinks to enjoy your evening. Also, we have several decorating styles for every occasion, and your job will only be to choose the option you like the most. After that, you can leave it all to us for realization. At this point, you do not need to take any other actions to make your date or wedding happen.

International Menu

Brides from Ukraine can choose their national menu at the Dutchess Manor: we have a chef coming from Eastern Europe who can cook borsch, pierogi, and a wedding loaf. Therefore, if you are dating one of the magnificent Ukrainian brides, feel free to offer to have a wedding in her home country traditions. We bet she will be excited and deeply touched by your attention to her origin.

Besides Ukrainian cuisine, we can also offer a Russian menu, traditional Italian cuisine, and Spanish dishes. If you want to have a fine time tasting French, Spanish, or Argentinian wine, we can organize a degustation night for you and your date. This option is often ordered by couples who are going to celebrate their engagement day or those who just married secretly.

If you have any suggestions regarding the menu for your special occasion, feel free to let us know at the first appointment with your manager. We are dedicated to creating a cozy environment for our customers and meet the most unexpected needs of our guests. Are you ready to cooperate with us? Just fill out the form at the ‘Contact Us’ page for us to get acquainted with you.

How much does it cost for a mail order bride?

If you are eager to find a bride in the near future through mail order bride service, we have a special offer for you. Our company cooperates with such a dating app and organizes first dates for couples who met online at a reduced price. The quality of our design and catering services is not affected due to the lower fees: we just want to make your first offline date memorable and that’s why we developed a set of discounts for online matched couples. You can see a mail order bride cost here, and once you find your potential girlfriend on the website, consider contacting us for your date booking. We are looking forward to participate in your special day realization.